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Our Services

Basic Drafting

Need a bit of drafting done for a project? We now offer basic drafting services! Give us a call at (830) 896-2679 or email print@hcrepro.com for more information.

Large Format Printing

Our Wide format commercial printers offer fast Quality production of your detailed projects. If you have a PDF too big to E-mail, send it through our file upload service with Job Details.

Small Format Printing

Does your project require Spec Books? We can print and bind them, giving your project that professional look and feel.

Wide Format Color Printing

We have multiple wide format color printing options. Contact us for a Quote!

Digital Services

Large & Small format scanning: Scanning is an integral part of any printing job. Do you have documents you need converted into digital format for e-mail distribution to Clients or Consultants?

Document preparation: A service we offer when a digital scan project also requires a little extra touch like OCR Text recognition and Bookmarking.

Document Enlargement or Reduction: A service often used by Artisans or Tradesmen when a Customer wants to recreate a photo or sketch into a larger or smaller version of the original for the purpose of creating crafting templates. Perhaps you have a photo you would like a larger version printed?

Do you think our services fit your needs? Reach us today at 830-896-2679. You can also send us an email at print@hcrepro.com